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Basic Multiplication and Division Fluency

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    Racing Games http://www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/  Allison Duncan  Uintah 
    Multiplication Ideas http://illuminations.nctm.org/LessonDetail.aspx?ID=U110  Gayle Cloke  Bonneville Cone Math Specialist 

I helped a third grade class with classification of quadrilaterals yesterday using the attached file. I printed the Venn Diagram on slide 5 onto 11 x 17 paper (used 12 x 18 art paper, cut to 11 x 17, then using the tray on the printer that is adjustable) After we classified the quadrilaterals together, they took the pieces on slide 2 (reduced to 1/2 of a 9 x 12 construction paper). They glued the pieces in the right place on the Venn diagram.


Using Fraction Bars to Find Common Denominators PDF.pptx  


Gayle Cloke  Bonneville Cone Math Specialist  
    Multiplication Flash Cards Multiplication Flash Cards.pdf McKenzie Haws  H. Guy Child 


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