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WSD General Language Arts Resources

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Common Core State Standards






Utah State Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum– Elementary Language Arts


Core Curriculum Resources

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Phonics and Spelling Word Lists
  • High Frequency Word Lists and Cards
  • Core Word Lists for Science, Social Studies, and Math
  • Spanish and English Cognates
  • Idiom Word Lists
  • Writing Lessons and Prompts


 Principal’s Guide for Classrom Implementation of Utah Elementary Language Arts Core Curriculum


Utah’s 3 Tier Model of Reading Instruction


STAR Tutoring Information


Reading Endorsement Level 1


Reading Endorsement Level 2


 Literacy Assessments Guide


McMillan McGraw Hill Reading Program Websites:
MMH Online Teacher's Edition
MMH Website for Teachers
MMH Website for Student Resources
MMH Video Clips on Treasures Program 

Scroll down to California Treasures and find grade level


Recommended Schedules:
Recommended Daily Schedule
Letter-A-Day Kindergarten Pacing and Review Cycle



Resources for Parents

MMH Treasures Reading Website

  • Language Activities
  • Spelling and Vocabulary Activities
  • Research Activities
  • Information about the Author’s and Illustrators
  • Computer Literacy Activities


MMH Treasures Parent Resources

  • Home/School Connection Letters
  • Book Lists to compliment each Unit of Treasures Weekly/Reading Lists


USOE Parent Guides for Core Language Arts Curriculum


Ken Garff Road To Success Website


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