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Post resources and questions here that deal with the 3rd Grade Fluency Standard.


Language Arts Standard 5

Fluency-Students develop reading fluency to read aloud grade level text effortlessly without hesitation.


Objective 1

Read aloud grade level text with appropriate speed and accuracy.

  1. Read grade level text at a rate of approximately 100 wpm.
  2. Read aloud grade level text with an accuracy rate of 95-100%.


Objective 2

Read aloud grade level text effortlessly with clarity.

  1. Read grade level text in meaningful phrases using intonation, expression, and punctuation cues.
  2. Read with automaticity 300 third grade high-frequency/sight words.



Resource Description  Contributor's Name Location
High-Frequency Flashcards These flash were developed by USU and could be used as a center activity or small group flashcards. Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Uintah
High-Frequency Words Site  All you've ever wanted to know about high-frequency words and all the resources you'll need K-3.  Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Uintah
iPhone app for High Frequency Words  Find out about this free app and then download it on your iPhone.  Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Uintah
Fluency Graph  Use this excel sheet to have students track their own fluency speed and improvment.  Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood  Uintah



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